The school of management and business studies at Landmark Polytechnic offers courses and programs in the areas of management, business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, and other related fields.
These schools typically provide undergraduate degree programs, as well as professional development and executive education courses.

The curriculum of our school of management and business studies generally emphasizes a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical
skills related to managing and leading organizations, developing effective business strategies, and making informed decisions based on
financial data and market trends. Students in these programs will learn about topics such as organizational behavior, business ethics,
entrepreneurship, project management, and international business.

Landmark Polytechnic’s schools of management and business studies also provide opportunities for students to gain real-world experience through internships, co-op programs, and other experiential learning opportunities. Graduates of these programs are prepared for careers in a wide range of industries and may work in positions such as managers, consultants, analysts, or entrepreneurs.

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